Those who have used Snapchat longer likely have faced this situation many times: you want to take a picture using the app, you want to apply filters necessary, but do not want to share this picture on Instagram. to do this, there is a very simple method that does not require a special effort.

All you need to do before you take a picture and apply filters is to put the phone on “Airplane Mode” Since then, the steps mentioned earlier can be executed. Then click “Share” at which point you will be told that the process has failed. It will be removed, the picture may not be posted when the internet connection is restored. Edited picture will remain at that moment saved in the phone and can be accessed by using the native camera.
Geotag sites are those that allow you to see where each photo was taken from the gallery. The app uses the GPS in your phone and record the location of each picture to geotag sites that have been preserved. All this will then appear in the “Photo Map”, where they can be removed by selecting menu on the top right.
Once you select all pictures whose geotag sites will be removed, the latter will be gone forever. The future to avoid such situations, you can select that a picture is not added to the “Photo Map” when share.
Snapchat spy – Adding hashtag after the distribution sites
Given that you have added a picture and forgot to put the hashtag sites, they can be added later via comment sites. So if someone does a search on those sites hashtag, it will be able to find that picture.
Like Facebook, Snapchat uploads videos in your feed before a more pleasant experience. Videos will run automatically when you run, but when the net is not enough traffic, this could cause problems. To disable this feature, you need to visit your own profile, select the top right menu, followed by “Use Cellular Data”. Here you can choose “Use Less Data” to save traffic.

Snapchatwill provide its users two types of content that offer a higher dose of privacy: direct messages and live video is automatically deleted after being viewed.
Thus, Facebook provides a combination of Snapchat and Periscope, which adds it to Instagram.
The new facility SnapchatMoments Live is integrated into the section that includes video and pictures posted as soon as they were made – a feature that Snapchatcopied it without to alter in any way the Snapchat.
Unlike other content, live footage posted here can only be viewed in real time. When the broadcast was finished, the film disappears completely from the application, as if it were not.
The initiating such transmission can choose specific friends to whom they send notifications. During filming, the initiator can see exactly who looks and that audience reactions.

Snapchatwill also offer a so-called director of live broadcasts, users can access the most interesting streams directly ordered based algorithm.
The second new feature with evanescent messages automatically disappear, will have its own section in direct messages. Such a message can be read only once by the recipient, who can send one answer, then self-destructs.
Both direct messages and live video broadcasts will be available ephemeral users of Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

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