Snapchat tricks – Using filters without sharing

Those who have used Snapchat longer likely have faced this situation many times: you want to take a picture using the app, you want to apply filters necessary, but do not want to share this picture on Instagram. to do this, there is a very simple method that does not require a special effort.

All you need to do before you take a picture and apply filters is to put the phone on “Airplane Mode” Since then, the steps mentioned earlier can be executed. Then click “Share” at which point you will be told that the process has failed. It will be removed, the picture may not be posted when the internet connection is restored. Edited picture will remain at that moment saved in the phone and can be accessed by using the native camera.
Geotag sites are those that allow you to see where each photo was taken from the gallery. The app uses the GPS in your phone and record the location of each picture to geotag sites that have been preserved. All this will then appear in the “Photo Map”, where they can be removed by selecting menu on the top right.
Once you select all pictures whose geotag sites will be removed, the latter will be gone forever. The future to avoid such situations, you can select that a picture is not added to the “Photo Map” when share.
Snapchat spy – Adding hashtag after the distribution sites
Given that you have added a picture and forgot to put the hashtag sites, they can be added later via comment sites. So if someone does a search on those sites hashtag, it will be able to find that picture.
Like Facebook, Snapchat uploads videos in your feed before a more pleasant experience. Videos will run automatically when you run, but when the net is not enough traffic, this could cause problems. To disable this feature, you need to visit your own profile, select the top right menu, followed by “Use Cellular Data”. Here you can choose “Use Less Data” to save traffic.

Snapchatwill provide its users two types of content that offer a higher dose of privacy: direct messages and live video is automatically deleted after being viewed.
Thus, Facebook provides a combination of Snapchat and Periscope, which adds it to Instagram.
The new facility SnapchatMoments Live is integrated into the section that includes video and pictures posted as soon as they were made – a feature that Snapchatcopied it without to alter in any way the Snapchat.
Unlike other content, live footage posted here can only be viewed in real time. When the broadcast was finished, the film disappears completely from the application, as if it were not.
The initiating such transmission can choose specific friends to whom they send notifications. During filming, the initiator can see exactly who looks and that audience reactions.

Snapchatwill also offer a so-called director of live broadcasts, users can access the most interesting streams directly ordered based algorithm.
The second new feature with evanescent messages automatically disappear, will have its own section in direct messages. Such a message can be read only once by the recipient, who can send one answer, then self-destructs.
Both direct messages and live video broadcasts will be available ephemeral users of Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

The most famous artificial satellites

Earth’s first satellite was launched on 4 October 1957 peşcosmodromul Baiknour, being the starting point in the space race between the USSR and the USA. Soviet satellite is about Sputnik 1, which weighed 83.6 km and have a diameter of 58 cm. He conducted the 1410 revolutions around the Earth for 94 days, after which entered the earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated by burning.

The second artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik-2, launched on the same cosmodrome on November 3, 1957, weighed 508.3 kg and have a passenger named Laika puppy. After 163 days, the satellite carried circumterestra 2370 rpm, and it disintegrated in the earth’s atmosphere.
Since January 31, 1958, release date of the first American artificial satellite Explorer I, the Space Age began U.S. On January 2, 1959, cosmic rocket Lunik-1 exceeded Luna after 34 hours debating, passing at a distance of only 5-600 km it. The rocket, weighing 1472 kg, became the first artificial planet of our solar system. In 1961, the US already numbered 115 artificial satellites around the Earth. The first satellites were used for scientific research.

Production of high power rocket carrying and launching the Earth’s artificial moon opened the way conquest by man visiting planets and solar system (for now only supplied). At the same time they developed practical applications of artificial satellites in telecommunications. Phone number tracker system today is based on a telecommunications network, Telstar, was launched in the US in 1960. Today, an impressive number of objects launched from Earth (about one hundred thousand) revolves around the globe at different heights.

The first man launched into space on board an artificial satellite Vostok I, Soviet Major Yuri was Alexeevich Gagarin on 12 April 1961. In 1960, after an intense search and selection process, Yuri Gagarin was selected along with 19 other cosmonauts Soviet Space program. Along with other cosmonauts, he takes part to a rigorous series of experiments, special to test their physical and mental strength. He attended an intensive training and preparation for the flight that was to be conducted.


Of those twenty selected possible choices for the first launch were Gagarin and Gherman Titov, because of the excellent performance during training, but also because of their mental capacity – although a simulation with a small capsule Vostok both men were inferior. The ship weighed 4725 kg and flight found in one rotation around the earth for 108 minutes, landing took place in good conditions in the southern Soviet Union.
Astérix is the first artificial satellite of the French launched on November 26, 1965 by a rocket Diamant – A so France became the third space power after the USSR and the US and the sixth country in the world among those who placed a satellite in orbit after USSR, USA, UK, Canada and Italy.
Goliath is a scientific artificial nanosatellite, the first ever built in UK, launched into space on 13 February 2012 with the first flight of European Vega rocket. It has the shape of a cube with sides of 10 cm and weight of about 1 kg, being built on the American standard CubeSat.

The satellite will carry three scientific experiments: determining the flow of micrometeorites (SAMIS) the measurement of dose produced by cosmic rays in the orbit (Dose-N) and will also have installed a catcher image sensor 3 megapixels and a resolution ground 21x28m for Earth observation.

Telstar 1 was one of the first active communications satellite, launched into orbit by the US in 1962. He transmitted the first television shows “live” between the US and Europe. Also transmitted and telephone conversations. Syncom 4 communications satellite was launched by NASA on Discovery. Modern satellites receive, amplify and retransmit the information back to Earth, to television stations, fax, telephone or radio. Syncom 4 is geostationary orbit, which means it has the same speed as the Earth, remaining in a fixed position above Earth, offering the opportunity to maintain uninterrupted connections between stations on Earth.

New generation games console was launched Xbox

A group of netizens have already been able to play the newest Battlefield Hardline few days before the official launch on any platform. There are only a few days before the official launch of the new Battlefield Hardline. One of the games that we’ve discussed most in recent weeks have many sins to wash those from Electronic Arts. Not the other, but many recent American giant games, especially for shooters, they needed more updates shortly after launch to become truly playable.

As a result of successful attempts to devour you some money, Battlefield Hardline, before being released to anyone via the official channels to all, it was launched by EA Access. The latter is a paid service of the EA which, among other things, will allow you to play much awaited game five days before all. Typically, March 17 was announced for this release, just as on March 12, those investing $ 5 per month EA can already enjoy access to the Battlefield Hardline.

What gives EA access

Incidentally, EA Access is a service recently announced by the people at Electronic Arts only for compatibility with Xbox One. Monthly fee is $ 5 per month or $ 30 a year. The sad part of this announcement is that although you have to buy the game anyway to experience it by Access, a session will be limited to 10 hours. Since then, just about how you’ll divide those hours. The restriction will last five days, to launch on March 17th.

This announcement embodies a significant change compared to other titles originally released by EA. In Madden NFL Hack 15 or Dragon Age Inquisition were limited to 6 hours of gaming before being blocked until the official launch titles. If it was not obvious that any mission completed or skills acquired in the 10 hours of Battlefield Hardline will feature in the full version.

Microsoft launched its latest tonight One Xbox game console, the successor to the Xbox 360 console brings more multimedia content to users, in addition to top performance in terms of running games. Microsoft representatives did not mention a release date clear, noting only “end”. Xbox 360 games will not work on Xbox One. NEWS Related Microsoft working on Windows Blue? Dell customers switching to Windows.. only for iOS and Android game revenue, triple the obtained games. Bill Gates has become the richest man in the world Xbox One is not just a console.

It communicates with its owner and may recognize his voice. When the user says On Xbox console starts, recognizes voice and authenticates the user’s Xbox Live account. Console interface has remained almost the same as the Xbox 360 known to users, with the opening of the system having to My Pins section, where users are saved favorite applications. Xbox One can be fully controlled using voice commands. As the user watch TV says Xbox console goes on network television. Xbox Game: console games reach. Xbox, Internet Explorer: Internet browser opens. But not only voice commands are important to Xbox One. If until now the Kinect system was part of a separate gadget, now he is part of the console. Thus, users can have multiple gestures available that can navigate the menu. For example, if we draw close fists and, while we look at the screen, the window was closing. This mode is called Grab. Control by a new Kinect Everything can be controlled using voice commands.

If we want to open Skype, we can do this telling consoles, as well as for the sports section or TV shows. Microsoft representatives were talking about Xbox unique architecture that brings three operating systems into one. First we have the Xbox classic architecture, the secondary system is Windows, while the third is basically the bridge between the two.

“You can navigate between a game and a TV channel. You can put Internet Explorer browser by moving SNAP next video. How to recognize the voice? We have a new Kinect integrated in the console, which recognizes voice and gestures, “said Microsoft representatives. According to them, Kinect manages to process more than 2 GB of data per second to understand what we say and what we do.

Top PC games in 2017 – the best games

Top PC games in 2017 – the best games

2017 promises to be full of surprises for fans of computer games. Besides titles sequels extremely popular, gamers will discover new games that promise to forever change the face of computer experience. The following is a list of the most anticipated games of the year 2017.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The fourth game of the famous series Mass Effect will be released on March 23, 2017 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will offer the same combination acclaimed third-person shooter and RPG, but the action will move the Andromeda galaxy, where the player will discover new spacecraft and new civilizations. In addition, the universe will be an open-world, and published video sequences suggests that it will put more emphasis on exploration and technology.


After five years of work and a cancellation, Prey will be available beginning May 5 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Away from the original plan, Prey is now a science fiction first-person shooter whose action takes place on a space station where they should have held a very important scientific experiment – a tribute to the famous System Shock. But the station is invaded by aliens, and the hero will have to do using the tools, weapons and his mental strength to survive, while at the same time reveals the secrets of his past and tested technology.

Star Citizen

Yet promised a year ago, it seems that Star Citizen will be released in the end of 2017. Following the course to be available only on PC, Star Citizen space simulators will provide enthusiasts with RPG elements. An ambitious project, which will be a component of other online multiplayer, Star Citizen will give the player a chance to scour the Milky Way 30 century and to discover, explore, fight and will trade in a massive universe and promising.

Quake Champions

Announced in 2016, the anniversary of 20 years since the launch of the original game Quake and the onset multiplayer online and the whole game first-person shooter, Quake Champions promises to provide a competitive and fast multiplayer and a wide range characters with unique abilities and characteristics. Now more details are not known, but we will learn more as we approach the release date, which is currently still unknown. Quake Champions will be available only on PC.

Metal Gear Survive

The first Metal Gear game series that will be released after the departure of legendary designer Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear is a game Survive promising. Departing than the playing style of the series, upcoming game Metal Gear is a cooperative survival action game that throws the player into an alternate universe where he must survive and find your way back home. Will provide a single player mode, Metal Gear Survive will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime later this year.

Sea of Thieves

If you are drawn to the sea, and pirate ships, Sea of Thieves is a game that you have to watch it. Offering a universe open-world with a high degree of freedom, Sea of Thieves is a combination of action and adventure that will give battle maritime ships that can be controlled by a crew of partners in multiplayer, exploration, exploitation and funny cartoon graphics but complex built in Unreal Engine 4. Sea of Thieves will arrive on PC and Xbox One.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

A rival for the famous series Sniper Elite Series Sniper: Ghost Warrior did not start too well, but has already evolved significantly in the second version. If you want a shooter full of suspense but are full frontal attacks characteristic of the genre, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 gives a discreet near the attention, discretion and accuracy are critical blows. The game promises a good quality graphics, accurate simulation of physical interactions and an advanced sighting should consider the wind or rain. Which should take place somewhere on the border between Georgia and Russia, the game will be available from April 4, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

As part of the famous Ghost Recon series, Ubisoft’s upcoming game but will adopt an open-world universe, a fashionable choice for several years. Taking place in Bolivia, where the player’s team will have to annihilate a drug cartel, the action will use the same famous recipe Ghost Recon direct control of a team, players can choose infiltration discrete, fast attacks or a combination thereof. Promises graphics mountain landscapes, jungle, swamp and desert realistic and action enthusiasts will be entertained since March 7, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.